MCT Sequential Two - S200 Eagle silver dial watches replicas
best replica watches reviewA watch with many complex functions is a good thing, some of which may be really interesting - for example, the astronomical complex function 3600 of Vacheron Constantin les cabinotiers Celestia. But what impresses me is that when a watchmaker makes something complicated, it looks simple. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "simplicity is the ultimate complexity." A good example of Da Vinci's claim is MCT's latest watch, dodekal one D110, which was unveiled at the Basel world 2017 earlier this year. A D110 needs some environment. MCT, or complete watchmaking, was founded in 2007 by Denis giguet, a master watchmaker. Giguet may be known as the character behind Harry Winston opus 11 in 2011, which is believed to be one of the most outstanding works of all Harry Winston opus. Like the MCT dodecal one you see here, Opus 11 uses a digital display to show time. The topic of digital display has always been the one that guides the creation of each MCT time meter[Bild: MCT%20Sequence%20two%20RD%2045%20S200%20...0watch.jpg]

porsche design chronograph The black dial is very large due to the large 43 mm x 43 mm case. First of all, what may attract your eyes is the bridge that is cut diagonally across the dial. A round hole is formed in the middle of the bridge, on which the brand name is engraved. There is a cut in the hole that shows the number of hours, and if you want to know, minutes are displayed in a more traditional way. The center hole of the black disk surrounds the tiny index. On top of it is a transparent sapphire disc with a small red hand that rotates once an hour around a black disc, similar to a regular minute hand.

The drive movement actually comes from the wheel on the bottom left of the dial. Anyway, it's easy to get used to saying the time of this watch. The numbers are very clever. It is executed using a turntable type "command board" which consists of cams and carriage which guide the various plates to the position below the cut-out. According to MCT, the system is designed to be simple and robust with minimal failure probability.

Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ 's a very thoughtful and practical operation, because we often see brands taking on ambitious complexity without considering reliability and maintainability at all.

The board in place is white. Logically, they should be in contrast to the black dial and easy to read. But in the real world, I didn't find the MCT dodecal D110 one as easy to read as I expected. In fact, I find digital displays hard to recognize, especially at certain angles. Mainly because the incision itself is thin, which means the number itself is not that big. In addition, because the central digital display is recessed and located inside the dial, the digital display is very interesting because the hour change is not instantaneous. Instead, it's designed to be deliberately slow (about two seconds to change) to look like a digital animation. The side effect of this is that the owner can also better appreciate the mechanical skills of making this display. The internal movement is caliber mct-d1,

The cycloid is very large, beating at a leisurely rhythm of 2.5hz, which is a very interesting sport. The balance is free to spring up, and there are screws on the balance wheel for adjustment. It also has a fully balanced bridge for better stability and impact resistance.

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